Know Your Responsibilities

Safety is a Shared Responsibility

NSTS and school boards acknowledge that safety is a shared responsibility. Administrative procedures include the following responsibilities for each party:

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
  • If a student lives within the walk zone of the school, or outside of the school boundary, parents/guardians are responsible to determine the appropriate means to get their child to and from school safely.
  • If a student lives within the bus zone of the school, parents/guardians are responsible to get their child(ren) to and from the bus stop safely, provide appropriate supervision at the bus stop and reinforce school bus rules at the bus stop, around the bus and on the bus.
  • Provide the school with pick-up and drop-off address information, as well as any information relevant to your child's ability and health that may require accommodation on the school bus.
  • Make a plan in the event of a service disruption such as a bus delay or inclement weather.

Student Responsibilities:

  • To follow the school bus rules including remain seated, facing forward at all times on the bus and avoid anything which might disturb the driver or interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • To exercise care, caution, good manners, consideration for others and obey promptly the instructions of the driver.
  • To refrain from smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol and from using obscene language at the bus stop and on the bus.
  • To keep all parts of the body inside the vehicle at all times and to refrain from throwing articles or shouting inside the bus or out a window.

Driver & Service Provider Responsibilities:
  • To be courteous, kind but firm, above reproach, professional and maintain control over the students riding in the vehicle at all times.
  • To exercise due care and caution at all times and ensure that all students have left the bus before considering the route complete.
  • To maintain consistent pick-up and discharge locations and times and to refrain from changing the bus routes without the approval of NSTS.
  • To issue a warning to a student who violates the student bus rules and report to the school Principal, in writing, the name of any misbehaving student, the nature of the misbehaviour and any specific action taken.
  • To respect and keep secure confidential route and student information provided to perform the transportation service and to adhere to contractual provisions.

School & Principal Responsibilities:
  • To encourage and support the use of bus and pedestrian safety education programs for students such as are provided by NSTS and the Board, bus operators and area police services.
  • To provide adequate supervision arrangements for the loading and unloading of buses and taxis at school and be available should a problem arise during the run times.
  • To keep student data up to date in the Board’s student database, including pick-up and drop-off locations and health related conditions that may require immediate medical attention.
  • To investigate thoroughly all reported misbehaviour on school vehicles and discipline and, if necessary, withdraw or suspend transportation privileges, and to inform parents personally by telephone, and confirm in writing, the details of the disciplinary problem and the action taken.

NSTS Responsibilities:
  • To plan and administer services in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations and Board Policy and Administrative Procedures, and to make school bus safety information and presentations available to students, parents/guardians and schools.
  • To arrange transportation for students within a reasonable amount of time, with due care for safety and in consideration of students with exceptional needs.
  • To ensure the safety of students including consistent pick-up and drop-off stop locations, maintain accurate route manifests, support resolving bus safety and behaviour concerns and to communicate health related conditions of students that may require immediate medical attention.
  • To enter in to contracts with service providers, ensure bus drivers and companies are aware of Board Policy and Administrative Procedures and conduct contract compliance and performance management to achieve value for money.