School Bus Safety Program for Grades 4 to 8

Logo for Soteria junior and intermediate school bus safety training

Soteria Teaches School Bus Safety!

We are pleased to provide school bus safety training programs to students in Grades 4 to 8 across Niagara! Soteria calls upon the older students on the bus to be role models for the younger students! 

Our partners at OECM have developed interactive and engaging tools featuring Soteria presenting the Junior and Intermediate School Bus Safety Program. Videos are available in English, French and closed captioning and described video in both languages.

For the interactive program CLICK HERE 

To go direct to the full video CLICK HERE 

In this program, Soteria teaches:

  • How to walk to the bus stop and safely crossing the street in front of the school bus.

  • How to get on and off the school bus safely.

  • How to get on the bus and sit safely on the bus while riding to and from school.

  • About the danger zone and what to do in case of emergency.

If you have any questions please contact NSTS, your school or the bus company assigned to serve your child's bus route. We are here to support student safety on and around the school bus.