Policy for Student Transportation Eligibility

NSTS applies the policies of the school boards to determine eligibility for transportation service.

To view DSBN's Transportation Eligibility and Service Policy CLICK HERE

To view Niagara Catholic's Student Transportation Policy CLICK HERE

The student transportation policies for DSBN and Niagara Catholic are harmonized and NSTS makes every effort to apply the policies fairly and consistently for each school and school board throughout the Niagara Region.

The primary determinant if a student lives within the walk zone or the bus zone of the school is based on the home or caregiver's address distance to their home school: 
  • Kindergarten Students - 0.8 kilometres
  • Grade 1 to 8 Students - 1.6 kilometres
  • Grade 9 to 12 Students- 2.5 kilometres
Students under distance to school are considered to be in the walk zone of school, and students equal to or greater than the policy distance are considered to be in the bus zone to school.

Student addresses that are not located within the school boundary are not eligible for transportation and parents/guardians are responsible for getting their child to and from school.

To view if an address is eligible for transportation to a specific school CLICK HERE