Pedestrian Safety Video with Blue the Butterfly

New Pedestrian Safety Video for Primary Students

We are pleased to present this new pedestrian safety video for families to watch together and then practice their walking route to school.

We added Blue to Butterfly to our cast of safety video presenters. BLUE Presents: Tips to be safe on your walk to school was developed by Niagara Student Transportation Services, Niagara Region Public Health and Intertrain, supported by funding received by Ontario Active School Travel.

Blue reminds us:

  • Walking to school reduces cars on the street which is good for safety and the environment, and walking in groups can be fun.
  • Before you start walking, check the weather and dress properly.
  • Walk where motorists expect to see you, like on a sidewalk or pathway.
  • Stay alert, pay attention and listen for traffic.
  • Use your pointer finger to express your intention to cross a street to motorists and obey the traffic signals.
  • Show everyone respect while walking, including to fellow pedestrians and property.

Remember, most students who travel to school on the bus is a pedestrian on their journey to the bus stop, and can benefit from watching this video too!