Plan for Safety

Please consider the following information to make a safety plan with your child:

  1. Record key information in an accessible location including:

    • The full bus number for your child and the name of the service provider

    • The contact phone numbers for the service provider, NSTS and school

  2. Walk your child to and from the bus stop in the morning and afternoon and ensure that they are supervised.

  3. Inform you child of their responsibilities while riding the bus, as well as the bus and pedestrian safety information available through this website.

  4. Review the delay and cancellation feature of this website and develop a plan of what to do in case the bus is delayed or cancelled.

  5. Develop a plan of what to do in case they miss their bus in the morning or afternoon.

  6. Make sure you have communicated all health conditions and associated action plans for immediate medical attention to the school so that this information can be communicated to the bus driver so that they can respond appropriately in case of emergency.